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NSure works closely together with various partners and distributors all over the world. We also have testing laboratories in different countries to ensure the rapid analysis of your samples. Click on the respective logo for more information. 

Zespri International Limited is the world’s largest supplier of kiwi fruit. Zespri distributes kiwi fruit in over 53 countries and therefore represents a share of 30% in the global sales volume of the fruit. NSure and Zespri have worked together for a number of years to optimize the quality and production of kiwi fruit. At present, work is being carried out on a test for determining the optimal time to break the bud dormancy. This results in a higher output and a lower use of bud-rest breaking agents.

Valagro is a leading global producer of natural organic fertilizers and special plant nutrients. Valagro and NSure are successfully working on the optimization of the formulation and application of biostimulants for crops such as kiwis, grapes and cherries.


Agrofresh Inc. is a global leader in the support of breeders, transporters and trading companies in their effort to deliver excellent quality. With their expertise in the field of pre- and post-harvest treatment, storage losses are being reduced to a minimum. Years of partnership with NSure have led to the optimal use of existing agents. Agrofresh and NSure and currently working together on various projects that aim to further reduce fruit losses in the post-harvest phase.