Expertise and Services

Our technology offers unique possibilities for agricultural practice and research. From disease detection to testing of chemical agents: contact us for a tailor-made test for your crop, quality problem or research question!

The power of inside information
Our tests are based on genomics. This innovative method measures the activity of genes, and provides early insight in processes such as ripening, dormancy and infection – long before they show on the outside. Easy to perform, our tests provide the inside information you need to optimize crop management and harvesting, storage and sales planning. So you can save time and money and ensure top quality for your customers.  

Also for agricultural research and development
From crop management to agricultural R&D: our testing method is broadly applicable. For any crop and almost any characteristic of your interest we can develop tailor-made tests that best suit your needs. We work for growers, packers and processers, as well as for plant breeders, agrochemical companies and universities.

The possibilities are endless
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