Dormancy and Cold tolerance

When are tree seedlings sufficiently hardened off for cold storage? When are ornamental shrubs ready to end bud dormancy? Our test method enables early detection of these key physiological transitions between dormancy, growth and flowering stages. So you can take the right crop management decisions, at the right time.

Cold hardiness of tree seedlings
As tree seedlings go into winter dormancy the activity of certain genes increases. This is easy to measure with our ColdNSure test. By looking at the genes you can determine the earliest possible moment to lift your seedlings and ensure their vitality after cold or frozen storage. This test is already available for species such as Norway spruce and can be customized for your tree nursery.  

Bud break in ornamental plants
The end of bud dormancy is marked by a distinct increase in the activity of genes involved in the onset of flowering. Our BloomNSure test makes this stage transition visible. In the example below, Viburnum has reached enough cold hours in week 48 to break bud dormancy. This is the inside information you need to plan early lifting and ensure full, uniform blooms. BloomNSure is available for Viburnum and under development for Hydrangea. Contact us for a tailor-made test for the ornamental of your interest!

Also for Research & Development
Our powerful testing method can be applied to all crops in which dormancy and physiological transitions play a role, not only for optimizing production but also as a research tool. For example, we are assisting various universities and businesses in research on bud formation and the influence of light treatments on cold tolerance, in ornamental and tree crops. What is your research idea? Contact NSure about the possibilities.