This test is used to monitor and predict the risk of Botrytis infection in cut roses. It allows you to improve postharvest handling procedures, and to deliver top quality to your valued customers. 

For this test you need to collect one sample (petals from 15 randomly selected roses) from the batch you wish to test, right before or after harvest. The samples are easy to prepare.

Based on your sample we provide a 10-day forecast of the risk of Botrytis in your batch. This forecast is available within two business days after we have received your samples.

This test is more reliable than visual inspection, and more accurate and faster than vase life assays, because it directly measures the activity of genes involved in the physiological response to Botrytis infection. 

This test is suitable for Bianca, Milva and Carema. Please contact us if you require this test for other rose varieties.
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